Goals 2017: Better Health

I want to get it down on paper before I change my mind. I want to set some health goals for the year. I think if I write them down I will be able to focus better. There is few things health wise that I would like to see change and the sooner the better. … More Goals 2017: Better Health


New Year’s Fired Up

Each year millions of people set New Year’s resolutions to improve something about themselves. Many obvious choices are weight loss, stop smoking, and social media detox. I don’t know how many people actually set a time frame or obtainable goal when making resolutions, then stick with it. This is another story like that.

This time will be different, I promised myself. I want some to hold me to that promise! I’m just kidding, I should hold myself more accountable. I will strive to be among the many success stories. I plan to log my journey so I and others can see my progress, … More New Year’s Fired Up

Finding African American History

New York City’s reputation for growth and emphasis on new, bigger, and better has often resulted in the loss of historical architecture. Similarly, the passage of time has obscured significant aspects of the city’s diverse social history. The city’s growth occasionally serves the opposite function, however: it unearths previously forgotten and hidden parts of the […] … More Finding African American History

Goals: Great Hair 2017

Your hair type and how it affects your goals. Not all hair is the same! Know your curl type, porosity level, and current health of your hair. You can’t get the right routine if you don’t know what’s missing.

How to choose hair products that work for your type and texture. Learning what texture and type of curl pattern you have (you may have mixed types) are very important. Knowing this information in advance helps you … More Goals: Great Hair 2017