A start, to new beginings


New beginnings

OMG! I am so excited to become more independent doing what I love, making people feel better about themselves.  I have butterflies just thinking about the good I can do in my community. My community is mostly retirees, elderly, disabled, or single parent families. I know a lot of communities look like mine. I like to talk to my neighbors often. Get to know the people around you. You’re probably saying, “Who does that anymore?” I know it sounds crazy but, I still do! LOL. I see a need that should be filled everywhere. So I want to start at home.  My wish is to help fill some of that gap by coming to you! Are you stuck at work or home and need a haircut? Wish someone could change your polish and make it look nice for you? I will come to the rescue. A professional service provided in the home.


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