Goals: Great Hair 2017

So you want beautiful, shiny, strong, great hair?

If you’ve wasted time and money on salons and hair health “experts” here’s what you need to know.


Your hair type and how it affects your goals. Not all hair is the same! Know your curl type, porosity level, and current health of your hair. You can’t get the right routine if you don’t know what’s missing.

How to choose hair products that work for your type and texture. Learning what texture and type of curl pattern you have (you may have mixed types) are very important. Knowing this information in advance helps you to decide what type of moisture and styling products are better for you. As a general rule, choose products with little to no alcohols and oil based.

Learn about Curl Pattern Types

Learn how to style without heat for health and less damage. Hot styling tools strip moisture right out of the cuticle, leaving your hair dry and brittle. Use heat protectant serums before blow drying, flat ironing, or curling your hair.  


Get the right tools and care techniques for your relaxed, natural or transitioning hair. Your hair will have different needs at different stages. Wide tooth combs, natural bristle brushes, and silk scarfs should be in your hair care tools. Curly hair can alway benefit from conditioning sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Everyone will benefit from regular hair trims to remove damaged ends. Deep conditioner treatment helps to fortify the hair shaft supporting hair growth. The right moisture products will add manageability and shine to your strands.

 Porosity and your hair

How long and healthy your hair is, ultimately depends on you and your dedication. We can all have naturally healthy beautiful hair.

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