New Year’s Fired Up

Yes! It’s official, 2017 is here. Another year, another resolution.

Each year millions of people set New Year’s resolutions to improve something about themselves. Many obvious choices are weight loss, stop smoking, and social media detox. I don’t know how many people actually set a time frame or obtainable goal when making resolutions, then stick with it. This is another story like that.


This time will be different, I promised myself. I want some to hold me to that promise! I’m just kidding, I should hold myself more accountable. I will strive to be among the many success stories. I plan to log my journey so I and others can see my progress, As I share my journey please give your tips and share your success stories. I will stay dedicated to improving my body image at getting in better shape. Right now, I’m doing exercises at my desk in between tasks, lol.


I now strive to eat as fresh as possibles on a budget. I pick fresh produce when available and frozen when it is not. Organic has been a big topic of discussion for many years. I personally say if you can afford to buy do it, but it’s no biggie if you don’t.


Exercising was never a love of mine, although I was blessed with an athletic body. I think a lack of motivation has played a big part of the missing movement. You see, it cold here in Kansas as I write this. It will be freezing cold here until at least May. I prefer to be outside in the sun as much as possible. I do like some workouts inside, but the limited spaces kinda hamper the effectiveness.

My fitness goal is to look like the beautiful and very talented Serena Williams. I feel she has the body of a goddess. Not to sound cocky but I think it’s a goal I can see one day.


New routines that I have added to my everyday life to help aid me in my new healthy lifestyle goal. I want to make it clear that I feel my outlook on changing my lifestyle will ultimately change my life is a holistic approach. In fact, If you incorporated small changes into your life a little at a time,  it won’t be such a drastic change, and you can reap the benefits sooner rather than later.


I hope you join me and follow along with my journey to healthier living and happier lifestyle. If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter you should! It’s full of fresh recipes, cool ideas, and great life hacks.

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