8 People We Should Get to Know

What? Trump Met with Who?

Why is Trump putting together a grand scheme for African Americans?

I have read several stories about POTUS Trump meeting with Black celebrities and businessmen recently. This current activity in the urban sector has me curious to what is up to his sleeves.

tDump has never given this much attention to “the blacks” his entire presidential race or ever anytime before. Why now?

“ We should give him a chance,” said Steve Harvey. “I was happy to be invited”

“He talks about really wanting to help black people,” said Jim Brown,

“We were talking about life,” Trump says after a meeting with Kanye West, “ a great man.”

Give him a chance?!? Give us, our shackles in bulk at a great deal? Trump has repeatedly spoken disrespectful of the handicapped/ disabled, women, and POC but you still run to sit at this illegitimately set table. You were just happy to sit at the table. Seems like an elementary delight for a group of distinguished proud Black men to be giddy about.


DT’s double talk/tweets can have your head spinning all day whether or not you believe anything he says. So again I ask everyone,“How could we trust him at all?”


He has given no reason in the last 12 months to believe anything we see from him.  So why the dog and pony show? It’s in my opinion that, it’s so our celebrated entertainers can deliver hard news that won’t be accepted well in an entertaining way. It’s so simple to get more sacrificial lambs to prepare for slaughter later. Trump is not really seeking to understand the problems of Blacks or deliver real solutions. Get real people. He would really want talk to those who know what POC are looking for, and it ain’t just jobs.

The real leaders that want to talk were not invited. The real people that have been working with the people in the communities for decades. The real leaders and those aspiring to be leaders. Trump is not interested in getting the right people for the job, he wants controversy and ratings.  He chose more characters for jobs that they don’t know how to do. Ben Carson as head of urban housing? Isn’t he a surgeon? Betsy DeVos as a pick for education? You must be joking, right? She hasn’t even seen the inside of a public school! This logic is not comprehensible This circus is destined to have an unhappy ending.

Let me know when Trump has a meeting with self-respecting Black leaders like  Nina Turner, Patrisse Cullors, Malik Zulu Shabazz, Marissa Johnson, Myrlie Evers-Williams, David Banner, Sista Souljah, Killer Mike and others.

Until then, don’t bother me with the BS of DT.

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