Goals 2017: Better Health

I want to get it down on paper before I change my mind. I want to set some health goals for the year. I think if I write them down I will be able to focus better. There is few things health wise that I would like to see change and the sooner the better.


I want to lose the last 50 or so pounds. I used to weight a little over 300 lbs at my biggest. I had a hard time doing the simplest tasks like tying my shoes. I avoided the stairs like the plague and opted out of physical work every time. It was so bad I couldn’t even keep up with a toddler. How embarrassing. I am cursed with some pre-existing conditions of asthma, arthritis, a low functioning thyroid, and mood swings, to bring up my health to date. I suffered from shoddy living conditions, poor basic understanding or knowledge, and deficient healthy skills while younger. Low wages, poor food choices, cheap foods, and sedentary life only contributed to my currently overweight frame. I have been paying more attention lately to what I eat and where it comes from.


I wanted to know what causes my illnesses and how to fix it. Since spiritual awakening has have set out to gain as much knowledge of what really causes sickness, and how to stay healthy. There is so much information so there and it seems like everything is conflicting everything. You should always seek medical advice from a professional before starting or changing your medical routine. While seeking professional medical advice about specific matters.  I found the doctors here were not very helpful. Don’t get me wrong, doctors are helpful in serious matters, but I never trusted doctors 100%. The medical field is still a business that wants to make money from the sick. To stay in business you must stay sick. I wish there weren’t so many dubious reasons why so many people are sick. Just how and why is that still a current problem? Because the value of our health is already up for debate by someone else who doesn’t really care. I can not accept that. I must take my health into my own hands.


I have a passion for good food. I love colorful, ethnic foods. Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky people with a high metabolism. I describe it as sluggish at best. My love for food is real AF. I love all kinds of food. The style of cooking I grew up with was southern style. Gravy on everything and fried pork chops, fried potatoes, fried chicken for any meal. There should be a motto: I bet it’s good, but have you tried it fried? Living in the Midwest there is no shortage of fried comfort foods everywhere. A fast food burger is available at almost every corner. Hot food is sold out of gas stations here! I am just saying that people like to eat a lot here. I have a lot of fellow fat kid friends. Welcome my fat friends!


I need to exercise more.  The exercise was never a love of mine, although I was blessed with an athletic body. I think exercise can be fun especially with kids joining in.  I do like some workouts inside, but the limited spaces kinda hamper the effectiveness.I would prefer to be outside, really. You see, it cold here in Kansas as I write this. It will be cold here until at least May. Some flakes of snow can be seen drifting in the harsh winds, but nothing major. Hard to find the motivation to move when you are cold! I have found that doing a short workout in the morning before taking off for morning routines helps jump start my day.


Getting better sleep is key. Sleep is a big factor on how your body performs. Someone that gets less that 8 hours of sleep may not function at their best during the day. It is recommended that adults get at least 8 hours of sleep, children need at least 10 hours. Sleep helps you with your metabolism, hormone regulation, and cellular repair. A proper bed will help you get the most out of your resting time. Be sure to have a bed that is less than 8 years old for the most comfort. Old mattresses can carry old dirt, sweat, other body fluids, dust mites and other allergens that hamper breathing. Not to mention it’s just damned uncomfortable. If a new bed isn’t in the budget, try covers for the mattress and your pillows.

I want to make it clear that I feel my outlook on changing my lifestyle will ultimately change my life is a holistic approach.

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