What hair do you care for?



Caring for your hair can be a tedious task if you aren’t ready. Knowing your hair health, type, and porosity can make choosing products and styling choices easier. If you are not familiar with how to find porosity or curl type please read some of my other blogs on the subjects.

This article is about tips and tricks for your specific curls.


Wavy Hair

On the surface, Curl Type 2 hair seems easy to handle and care for but it comes with its own set of issues. A there are only a few complaints from women with this type of hair. The biggest complaint can be puffy, frizzy and flyaway hair. She has other issues too like the dull looking color and coarse feeling her hair gets sometimes. The routine that really works is to hydrate each strand properly and manipulate the hair as little as possible. If you have wavy hair these tips should work for you too.


Styling Tips for Wavy Hair


Use moisturizing sulfate shampoos, deep condition and use a leave-in conditioner to infuse moisture regularly. Invest in a good boar bristle brush to keep your waves smooth. Use a light moisturizer like coconut oil or serum to add definition to your waves. After washing don’t comb or brush your hair as it dries to keep frizzing down. To detangle use your fingers. Gently scrunch your hair with product as it dries to encourage wave formation. If you need to dry your hair quickly use a blow dryer on a low heat setting with a diffuser attachment. Get trims regularly because split and damaged ends prevent wave patterns from forming properly and cut down on frizz.


Products for Wavy Hair

Light oils like coconut, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, are easy to use for moisture. Leave in conditioners aid in detangling and add all day moisture. A clarifying shampoo will be needed occasionally to remove residue from products. Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is your best friend.


Type 3 – Curly Hair


A healthy head full of big soft curls just screams fun to me, but based on what I’ve observed firsthand it can be a real challenge. My cousins have this hair type and she’s always upset about dryness, breakage, and problems with humidity puffing her hair out after she’s spent an hour straightening it. In my opinion, she’s committing the number one sin for Type 3’s which is constantly fighting her natural curl pattern. She likes to wear it sleek and smooth, so she straightens it regularly and stays away from water to keep it from reverting. The combination of heat and infrequent washes and deep conditioning is a big no-no for curly heads.


Curly hair has a tendency to grow ‘up and out’, and if you’re not careful will turn into a huge poofy afro. Nothing’s wrong with that unless it’s not exactly the look you’re going for.


Products for Curly Hair Control


The key to taming your curls is going heavy on the moisture.

Hair puddings, custards, butter, crèmes, and gels work wonders for this hair type (and sound delicious if you ask me).

These products not only hydrate the hair making it smooth, shiny and soft, but it also helps to weigh it down so that it hangs and stretches instead of puffing up.


Styling Curly Hair


If you’re a lady with curls use these tips will revive those soft pretty ringlets.


Only use wide tooth combs, in fact, the wider the better.


Use a moisturizing shampoo, deep conditioner, and heavy leave-in every time you wash your hair.


Use conditioner only washes regularly to keep your hair properly hydrated without stripping it.


Always apply styling product to soaking wet hair for defined curls.


Never use a towel to dry your hair. For the best curls allow your hair to ‘drip dry’ or blow dry on a low setting with a diffuser attachment instead.

To reduce frizz don’t brush your hair and be sure to moisturize daily.

Get your hair cut by a curly hair specialist. The right shaping technique brings this texture to life and makes the curls really pop.


Type 4 – Coiled and Kinky Hair


Even with the variation in this group, there are certain shared features as well as tools, products and styling tips all of them can benefit from.


Type 4 textures tend to be dull with very low sheen and can amazingly shrink up to 80% of its true length. It’s notoriously known for being the driest and most delicate of all hair types.


A common myth is that this hair type can’t grow very long. Well, I’m here to tell you that it not only is it possible, it’s actually not hard to do.

How do I know? I’m a 4 and I’ve grown my hair to mid-back before.

Still, don’t believe me? Check video sharing sites like Youtube to see and hear hundreds of black women who are doing it right now.


Hair Products for Type 4’s

This texture tends to be on the dry side, so focus on infusing and retaining moisture.

Moisturizing shampoos, deep conditioners, and leave-ins aren’t only good but essential for this type. Any product that hydrates and seals the hair is a must have. Hair butter, natural oils, and moisturizing hair gels are popular for maintenance and styling.


Hair Tools and Styling Techniques


This hair is easily damaged by rough handling, heat and chemical applications. It might look like it can stand up to anything but one wrong move can set you back months or even years from damage.

A few invaluable tools for caring for this hair type are seamless combs, a soft boar brushes and a satin bonnets and pillowcases.

When it comes to styling this hair type less is always more.

Always use a wide tooth comb, your fingers or a hair pick to detangle.

Always detangle from ends to roots, preferably with wet hair coated with conditioner.

Wash and deep condition once every week or two and bathe your hair and ends in hydrating moisturizers daily.

Handle your hair gently and always put aside enough time so you don’t have to rush. Keep the use of heat styling tools down to a bare minimum.

Wear protective styles where you don’t have to comb or manipulate your hair for a week or more at a time.

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