Benefits of Head Wraps

Benefits of Head Wraps

Another bad hair day? Or just want a lazy hair day? It’s ok, we all have those hair days.  Maybe it’s raining, snowing, windy, it just won’t style right, it doesn’t matter. A head wrap may be the answer. Don’t know what to look for? Don’t worry, I got you girl.

Different types of materials

Silk- The first choice in materials is silk.  Silk is a fiber weave. Silk charmeuse is more expensive. It is softer and more delicate. A silk scarf is the best option because it isn’t very porous, therefore it doesn’t absorb the moisture out of your hair like other materials would.

Hemp- Hemp is an underrated material in today’s industry. It is a durable fabric that is eco- friendly and affordable. This material is durable, washable, and friendlier alternative to cotton. Hemp scarves can be found online.

Satin-  Satin a fabric woven with softer materials. A satin weave has no visible interlacing pattern. That is what makes satin smooth and shiny. You will usually find this in pillowcases and thrift store scarves. These are the most commonly found.

Cotton- This is common fabric found in headbands and standard pillow cases. Cotton in known for being absorbent. The short fibers can pull hair, ripping at curls. It also harbors sweat, dirt, oils so it can smother your pores around your hairline when repeatedly used dirty.

Sateen- Sateen is a fabric which is formed using the same weave as satin, but with short yarn threads like cotton or rayon. This fabric can rip at your edges, leaving you with more short hair at the hairline or even bald spots.The fabric is also absorbent so it may dry out your hair.   

Polyester- Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is used in a satin weave that is more affordable. This fabric does not breathe as well as silk. You can also find these scarves in thrift stores and novelty convenience stores.

Acetate- Acetate is another synthetic fabric that is used often. It looks pretty, but the quality might be compromised. This polyester silk is essentially a fabric created from oil and has the same chemical composition as plastic bottles. I would not recommend this fabric although it is very affordable.

Why wear a head wrap

There are many reasons why you want to try wearing a head wrap. For some, a head wrap is a religious expression. For others, it is embracing culture and heritage. A paper that was written by Helen Bradley Griebel: The African American Woman’s Headwrap: Unwinding the Symbols, provided a lot of inciteful background history to the head wrap in African American culture.

For me personally, it is in my traditional cultural wear. The extreme weather here in the Midwest is my biggest foe. I don’t like my natural hair exposed to extreme weather. Leaving your hair exposed to the elements can really dry out your ends, making them split. You may also think about wrapping your hair at night to protect it from sleeping. Especially if you toss and turn. This can rip out your hair during the night causing pattern breakage. Pick the wrap or bonnet that is comfortable and not tight. Always be sure to detangle and moisturize your hair before wrapping,  your hair will thank you. Wrapping your hair can be a help in correcting the porosity in your hair.

Where to buy head wraps

There are many places to find head wraps. There is so many different styles, colors, and prints so your choices are endless. I found the best choices online of course. Not everyone is confident to purchase online. With that in mind, I suggest that you look in your ethnic section of your grocery store. A few affordable choices are available. You can also find scarves in drug stores and ethnic hair stores. Beware these choices are usually synthetic fabrics and could damage your hairline.  

How to tie a head wrap

There are over 100 ways to tie a head wrap. I could go over all of them but who has time for that?!? I will give you a few classic favorites to try for now. Feel free to look on youtube for different tutorials and lookbooks. I will include some links to great videos soon.

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3 thoughts on “Benefits of Head Wraps

  1. I love learning about curly hair care, as a stylist trying to help a little girl with very tight curl, only tried wrapping with what my salon manager provided, strips of tissue wrap. Thanks!


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