11 Ways to Get Stronger Hair

How to Strengthen Your Hair


STRONG, SHINY, BEAUTIFUL HAIR IS EVERY GIRL’S DREAM. But if you are suffering from dry, dull looking color, breakage, split ends, excessive shedding it can seem impossible to do anything to your hair.

Here are some handy homemade remedies and tips to perk up your hair quickly.

Using these items on a regular basis will definitely improve your hair condition and manageability. 

  • USE HOT OIL TREATMENTS. Hot oil treatments will work magic almost instantly. They way they work is by using heat to open the hair shaft to allow hydrating oils. Oils carry vitamins and essential fatty acids for maximum moisture retention. Castor oil, almond oil, coconut oil, nettle oil, rosemary oil, sage oil, are great for textured hair.
  • TRY HERBS. Herbs like catnip, rosemary, horsetail, burdock, nettle, and sage all promote hair growth by stimulating hair follicles. Try making a rinse, oil, serum, or tenure of these herbs. You will find what works for you the best.
  • TRY FOOD. I know it sounds weird, but it really works! Food can be the medicine in many cases. Try a potato juice or rice water rinse. Add onion or garlic juice to a hair serum. Coconut milk is a great hair conditioner and detwoman-1660874_1920angling products. Avocados soften hair and adding shine.


  • NATURAL HAIR MASK. Hair masks usually consist of a protein and a moisturizer. You can use eggs as a direct source of protein. If you prefer vegan, use avocado oil or black walnut oil.   

Want some recipes? Please read on here.

  • USE ALOE VERA. You can find fresh aloe vera in health food stores or other specialized food markets. If you don’t have either of these around aloe gel works just as well. Aloe vera heals scalp conditions. The gel contains most of the bioactive compounds in the plant, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.
  • RINSE WITH APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. I know that you are worried about the smell. Please trust me when I say it fades in a couple hours.Please hear me out, the benefits of ACV outweigh the bad. Apple cider vinegar balances the ph of your scalp. It also removes any product residue, dirt, and toxins from the surface. Your hair color will be definitely more brilliant. Don’t do this too much it can be drying. If you are still turned off by the smell, try rinsing your hair again with plain water.


  • TRY LESS HEAT AND ALWAYS USE HEAT PROTECTANT.  Heat can damage your hair no matter how careful you are. Using a heat protectant when styling with hot tools is a must for protecting your hair. Of course using no heat to style your hair is the healthiest. Try using braids, buns, twists, and accessories to add more style.
  • GET YOUR HAIR TRIM REGULARLY.  I can’t stress this enough. You should get your hair trimmed at least twice to four times a year. Trimming your hair regularly stimulates hair back into the growth phase. It also removes dead split ends that can destroy the length of your hair. Detangling and styling will be a lot easier too.
  • GO SULFATE FREE. Salts called Sulfates in shampoos can really strip natural essential oils from your hair. The more often you wash, the harder it will be to keep your hair moisturized. Be sure to read your shampoo labels. Sulfate free products usually promote this fact making them easy to find. Check with your stylist for product recommendations.
  • PROTECT YOUR HAIR AT NIGHT. Use a silk wrap or bonnet to cover your hair up at night. The benefits of a head wrap are amazing! This will help your hair retain moisture better. It will also help prevent split ends.  If you toss and turn a lot, a silk pillowcase would be a better fit.
  • TAKE HAIR SUPPLEMENTS. Supplements are an easy way to get a growth boost. Specific hair, skin, nails vitamins can be found in most stores nowadays. They come in capsule and gummy form. I personally love the gummies even though there is a lot of sugar in them. Always consult your physician before starting supplements.


Using these techniques more often will strengthen your hair quickly. This is a very important part of length retention. You will soon see your efforts turn into strong shiny hair before no time. Good luck on your journey to great hair!

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